Who Are We ?

Starting from its first publication in 1978, Gila-Gila was once the first humour magazine to receive the highest sales rating according to ABC (Audit Bureau Circulation). The magazine even penetrated in other South-East Asian countries. Gila-Gila, under the publication of Creative Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CESB) was once the prime publication for cartoonists during the 80s that was pioneered by remarkable artists such as Jaafar Taib, Mishar, Zainal Buang Hussin, Azman Yusof, Rejabhad, Tarzidi, Nan, Fatah, Kerengge, Reggie Lee, Don, Zamri Abu, Rossem, Imuda, Long, and many more throughout its 40 years of publication. Besides, Gila-Gila has also captured works from external contributor by several prominent artists such as Dato’ Lat, Pak Sako, Tan Sri A Samad Ismail, Malungun and myriad of other well-known content creators.

GG Digital (M) SDN BHD is a sole representative for Creative Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CESB) that:

Owns hundreds of creative contents from physical to digital creative materials

Establishes Gila-Gila Magazine – The pioneer and first humor magazine in Malaysia since April, 1978

Has been a successful publication for 42 years and counting, which phenomenally influential in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Has been a platform for almost all successful, well-known and celebrated cartoonist, creative writers and intelligent content creators in the nation

Becomes the trendsetter for Malaysia Comic concepts

Gave birth to Malaysia Cartoon Day